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Dave Altman is IFPA Certified MS Specialist.  Dave can make you feel younger, have more energy and strengthen your mind and body, while having fun along the way. 

Dave can help you feel younger, stronger and more fit than you have in years. Click to learn more,

Dave utilizes Exercise as the primary focus to exemplify what physical activity can do for “everyone”; those living with MS as well as those with other disabilities. It is understood that to achieve the greatest over-all benefits from exercise – discussions and examples of nutrition, mental health and relationships will also be incorporated.

Dave wants everyone to experience the indescribable feeling that you get after you have challenged yourself. Exercising makes you feel better about yourself, because you actually did something for yourself. Often you spend every day taking care of everyone else, but you don’t think about how taking care of your body is so vital to your being able to continue caring for others. It must be realized that taking care of yourself is not being selfish. Instead it is a good example to those around you while enabling you to enjoy a longer and happier life. Most important, you need to build and strengthen what body parts do work so they can support what doesn’t.